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Storm Water / Septic Chambers
The chambers are carefully engineered to meet the demands of subsurface stormwater management applications. The chambers provide optimal underground retention and detention solutions for stormwater runoff. These chambers offer versatility to the design engineer. The open bottom chamber can be used for retention where storm water infiltrates into the underlying soils or for detention where peak flows are attenuated using an outlet control structure. Whether retention or detention, it is often most cost effective to design multiple chamber systems on a site rather than a single large system. For both retention and detention, excavation depths can sometimes be reduced, by using multiple systems. Multiple retention systems also better mimic predevelopment infiltration patterns than single recharge systems that may even transfer post development runoff across pre-development sub basin divides. Septic Chambers can be installed in mounds or shallow burial depths. They can replace leach field size. Both chamber styles can be quickly installed.

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